After studying photography in Cologne, I took a lot of part-time photography. Much commissioned work was done in the areas of macro photography and
microphotography. A few years ago I took the risk of starting my ownbusiness.  As a stock photographer I mostly photograph women and technology and
create science arts. Close-ups and people at work and in the garden are my favorite shots. Now I've discovered fine arts for myself. I spend many hours
in nature. I am constantly creating pictures of people in nature and in the city. Image processing offers me a tool to change images and to reinforce content. 
Often nature photos are changed in color, then combined with other images. Superimposing images and using filters creates new, imaginative worlds.
My world is motley and shows new impressions abstract and surreal. The limits of sight are exceeded.
My world is motley and full of admiration for the real world.

More of my fineart under fineartamerica or Artmajeur  or  saatchiart  or  mudisch

More of my work as photographer under imagesource or plainpicture

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